Juntos works with partners worldwide to design
& implement empowering personal finance tools
for cash-based households.

Accessible on any mobile phone via SMS, our products help
families increase their savings and feel financial
confidence and control.



What Our Users Say

of successful Juntos savers said at sign up they had never saved successfully before
Thank you very much. More than saving, I feel like someone in the world is watching out for me.
Juntos saver in San Jose
Thank you, my friend. Without you I never would have developed a habit of saving. You'll never know how much good you did for me.
Magie, Juntos saver in Los Angeles
I had never saved money before, but you motivated me.
Lourdes, Juntos saver in Los Angeles
Savings is the foundation for success, slowly but surely.
Mauricio, Juntos saver in Oakland

Drive Engagement and Usage of your Financial Services

Around the world, millions of bank accounts are being opened for the first time by the previously unbanked, but all too often sit empty and dormant once they are opened.
Banks and MFIs use Juntos' turnkey platform to deepen their clients' engagement and usage of accounts.

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